Entrepreneurs are often drivers of innovation and social change. They help develop communities, create job opportunities and stimulate the economy. There are many more benefits of entrepreneurship and reasons why it is important. 
 Entrepreneurship is on top of Kanaka Bar’s mind, as heard at the Community Resilience Plan Community Engagement sessions. Members expressed the will and need for a network and resources to support those who are interested in pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities. 
 It is in this spirit, we are launching the Kanaka Bar Band Entrepreneurship Program. 
 This summer, a four-part video training series will be made available to members, along with information handouts they will need to complete each session. For further guidance and information, help is available:
Zain Nayani, ZN Advisory - zain@zn-advisory.com 
Jordan Ardanaz, Miller Titerle + Co. - jordan@millertiterle.com
Carson Bell, Miller Titerle + Co. - carson@millertiterle.com
If you’ve wanted to build your own business, be your own boss, then this program is for YOU. If you’re not sure what the program can offer you, come and find out. Create your dream job and help YOU reach your potential. 

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What is entrepreneurship and could it be THE opportunity for you?

The Entrepreneurship Program Video Series was launched last month and ALL episodes are now available on our website.

Watch at https://www.kanakabarband.ca/social-cultural/education-training/entrepreneurship-program

This is an easy and effective way to get the answers to the many questions you’ve had about starting your own business.


Create your dream job.

Reach Our Potential.


P.S. “Reaching Our Potential” Entrepreneurship Program – a fully expanded “made for Kanaka, by Kanaka, at Kanaka”

entrepreneurship training program is scheduled for 2022. More details COMING SOON.

Watch the series here:

Session 1:

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Printable Handout - Session 1


Session 2: 

Printable Handout - Session 2 


Session 3: 

Printable Handout - Session 3




Session 4:

Printable Handout Session 4 


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