What people are saying

June 1, 2020

“At Kanaka Bar, we have seen the effects of climate change first-hand – from changes in precipitation, increased drought, wildfire threats and loss of salmon. We are taking action and preparing for the environment and climate of tomorrow – by monitoring our watersheds, reducing forest fire risk and planting food forests.” – Chief Patrick Michell, Kanaka Bar Band


“Extreme weather including heavy rainfall, extreme heat and prolonged drought will continue to occur more frequently in a changing climate. We need to prepare for those changes by making informed decisions – reducing the potential impacts.” – Armel Castellan, Meteorologist, Environment Canada


“Preparing for future climate conditions now will help reduce risk and vulnerability in our communities. We have the opportunity now to strengthen our homes, schools, workplaces, and hospitals against floods, wildfires, and hotter summers. Let’s get to work.” – Josie Osborne, Mayor of Tofino


“This is about our shared future. That’s our common ground. We need to plan ahead and prepare our communities – young and old – for the projected changes coming our way and for future generations.” – Tesicca Truong, Youth Climate Activist and Strategist

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