Kanaka Bar Indian Band to build climate-resilient houses for displaced Lytton residents

January 22, 2022

CFJC News Clip:  January 22, 2022

KANAKA BAR, B.C. — The Kanaka Bar Indian Band is partnering with the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology to build climate-resilient houses that will home displaced Lytton residents and members of its band.
Chief Patrick Michell says land has been set aside in Lower Kanaka Bar, overlooking the Fraser Canyon – with a water system and septic tank already installed.
The project will allow the university to test out new climate-resilient home building products, like autoclave aerated concrete — a type of concrete that claims to be fire resistant and self-insulating.
“The assertions that have been made by the developers will be tested. So we’ll have thermometers on the outside, thermometers on the inside to look at thermal transfer,” Michell says.
Chief Michell hopes to see between four and eight buildings developed.
Kanaka Bar is one of Lytton’s neighbouring communities. Right now, residents of Lytton are scattered all over the province, and Chief Mitchell says he wants to give residents a place to stay that is closer to home.
“We’re going to try maximizing the available space so that as many individuals can come home. I know that there’s a lot of work going on in the village of Lytton and Lytton First Nations… and we’re not asking to take away from that but with these homes, they will be permanent homes so that the families who have a need will have a place of permanency until their homes are rebuilt in Lytton.”
Kanaka Bar hopes to see the homes up by September 2022.


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