Specific Claims - Ratification Vote

December 2, 2020

Proposed Comprehensive Specific Claim Settlement Agreement for

Kanaka Bar Indian Band


TAKE NOTICE THAT Chief and Council of the Kanaka Bar Indian Band will be holding a virtual Information Meeting for Membership on the proposed Comprehensive Specific Claim Settlement Agreement. A summary of the proposed Settlement Agreement is set out in a separate Information Document attached as an Annex to this Notice. Following the Information Meeting, voting on the proposed Settlement Agreement will be available through mail in ballot, drop off in person, electronically or by telephone.


The Band currently has four Specific Claims before the Specific Claims Tribunal which have all been validated by Consent Order. A Consent Order on validity is a formal Order of the Tribunal finding a Specific Claim valid after Canada has admitted the validity of the Claim:

  • CPR Specific Claim - SCT-7001-18;

  • Illegal Preemption of T’aqt’agtn Specific Claim - SCT-7002-18;

  • CNPR Right-of-Way Across Kanaka Bar IR 1A Specific Claim - SCT-7002-19; and

  • CNR Expropriation from IR 2 Specific Claim - SCT-7001-19.

The Band also has a BC Hydro Right-of-Way on IR 4 Specific Claim which is currently under assessment by the Specific Claims Branch as well as potential un-researched Specific Claims.
The proposed Settlement Agreement between Canada and the Band provides a payment of $7,716,307 for the full and final settlement of all of Kanaka Bar’s Specific Claims, both known and unknown, arising from events between 1858 and the date the Settlement Agreement is signed (2021).
The Information Meeting will be held on
December 16, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. (PST), via Zoom Video Conferencing.
To participate in the Information Meeting:
  Please register in advance for this meeting by clicking on the following link:




After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. You can join through Zoom or participate via phone by dialing +1-778-907-2071.
Details of this meeting are as follow:

Meeting ID: 890 0023 2960
Passcode: 321098

DATED at Kanaka Bar, British Columbia, this 27th day of November 2020.

- Chief and Council of the Kanaka Bar Indian Band

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