Kanaka's Health and Wellness Plan

December 10, 2021

Expression of Interest – FINAL CALL


Seeking Community Members to form a Working Group that will lead charge in development of Kanaka’s Health and Wellness Plan

We are seeking community members to join a working group to inform and lead the new Community Health and Wellness Plan (CHWP). This work will be built on the priorities identified by the community members in the Community Resilience Plan (CRP) earlier this year.  It will also help Kanaka Bar establish a flexible funding arrangement with First Nations Health Authority that will allow utilization of funding on actual community needs and will enhance overall reporting in a transparent manner.

We are seeking four dedicated community members, regardless of location of residence. We encourage anyone who is interested to submit their name, contact information, and indicate your available. Members will be compensated with a per diem honorarium.

Some responsibilities of the Working Group will be (but not limited) to:

  • Advise on identified community prioritizes for health and wellness as indicated in the CRP and various forms of community engagement
  • Strategize on policies and programming of health and wellness initiatives
  • Share Kanaka Bar’s traditional knowledge, protocols and teachings
  • Develop of short- and long-term plans that meet the unique needs of members
  • Build capacity to understand how the health funding and programming works


Expectation of committee members:

  • Represent the voices of members including those living outside Traditional Territory
  • Prioritize needs through collaborative discussions based on communal goals
  • Provide equal opportunities for others to participate in conversations
  • Create a safe environment that allows exchange of thoughts and ideas
  • Contribute to the best of your ability in discussions
  • Bring forward any concerns, questions, or contributions
  • Regular attendance of working group meetings outside of working hours – this may require weekends and evenings


Are you interested in helping Kanaka create a holistic Community Health and Wellness Plan that builds on the health priorities identified by the our people in the Community Resilience Plan? 
If yes, please submit your expression of interest by emailing ceoblue@kanakabarband.ca by 4 p.m. on Friday, December 17, 2021.


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