How to Join Kanaka Meetings Using Zoom

September 29, 2020

Kanaka Bar is evolving the engagement practices used and is now offering membership the opprotunity to join meetings virtually! With Zoom, anyone with access to internet and a cellphone or computer can now participate in community meetings, online workshops, and more specifically the new 5-Year Community Resiliency Plan Engagement Sessions amd community meetings!

 This is a discription on how to join the zoom meetings. If you require any assistance joining the meetings please dont hesitate to contact the Kanaka Bar Engagement Team! We're happy to help - We ask that you contact us at least 15 minutes before the start of a meeting to give us enough time to assist you, and take part in the meeting without running into any technical difficulties.

We understand that this technology is new to you, it's new to us too! Please work with us to make the use of zoom be a successful and meaningful way to engage with Kanaka.

How to Join Zoom Meetings Poster

How to Join Zoom Events

A printable version of this poster is available here. 

How to join ZOOM - Register and join Video
How to join ZOOM - by phone Video