FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

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Participation and Eligibility 

I want to start my own business on the side while still working full-time. Can I participate in this program? 

Yes, the program is suitable for everyone (full-time, part-time and self-employed or unemployed). The training session will take place on Saturdays. The participant is expected to engage in assignments and activities during the week to meet the learning objective for that week. The participant is expected to schedule commitments around the training sessions. For more details on this, please refer to question #4. 

I don’t have the equipment or Wi-Fi to support virtual learning but I’d like to participate. What should I do? 

If you need assistance, please contact the program at entrepreneurship@kanakabarband.ca

Is there an age limit to participate in this program? 

There is no age limitation around the intake of this program. If a participant is younger than 18, we ask that parental consent is given along with registration. 

I am not a Kanaka Bar member but I live in the Fraser Canyon region, can I participate in this program? 

Although this is a Kanaka Bar sponsored and run program, registration is open to all individuals who are interested in pursuing entrepreneurship. Kanaka Bar believes in investing into the well-being of the region and bringing communities and peoples together. 

I don’t currently live in the Fraser Canyon region, but I am a member of one of the First Nations located in the Fraser Canyon region, can I participate in this program? 

Although this is a Kanaka Bar sponsored and run program, registration is open to all individuals (Indigenous and non-Indigenous) who are interested in starting a business in the Fraser Canyon region. Kanaka Bar believes in investing into the well-being of the region and bringing communities and peoples together. 

What qualifications do I need to register? 

There is no required qualifications nor minimum education level to participate in this program. However, we ask that participants, once enrolled, make a commitment to attend each session, stay engaged throughout the 4-week program to achieve their learning goals. 

I want to take advantage of the individual mentoring opportunities but I won’t be able to attend the 4-week training. What should I do? 

In order to qualify for individual mentoring, you must successfully complete the 4-week training and go through a selection process following that. Only selected participants will be able to advance to individual mentoring. 

I am not sure I want to have an entrepreneurial career, but I would like to take advantage of the training opportunities. Can I register? 

Yes. Kanaka Bar believes in building capacity and sharing knowledge. This is a great opportunity to grow your skillsets and knowledge, regardless of whether or not you decide to start a business right away. What you will learn in this program will benefit you in everything you do. 


The Program

What is the 1-day launch event in January? 

In late January, “Reaching Our Potential” will begin with an official program launch event. In this one-day virtual event, you will have the opportunity to hear from Chief and Council about the origin and purpose of the program, how it will operate; you will hear from successful and active First Nations entrepreneurs; and you will get a sneak preview of the 4-week accelerator program and interact with other like-minded individuals who are pursuing entrepreneurship. 

What topics will the 4-week training cover? 

The Accelerator Entrepreneurial Training Program will be delivered in 4 weeks. Each week has a learning theme, as described below:

Week 1- Entrepreneurial Mindsets

Week 2 – Recognizing and Development Opportunities

Week 3 – Setting Up Your Business

Week 4 – Employment, Finance, and Marketing

What does the 4 week- accelerator program look like? 

The live sessions will take place on Saturdays (approximately from 9:00am-3:30pm). There will be 4 of these sessions in total. There are breaks throughout the day as well as a lunch guest speaker. During the week, there will be assignments and activities that require the participant to stay engaged with the learning objective of that week, as well as preparing for the following week’s session. 

What does the “Individual business mentorship and development” between March-June look like? 

Qualified participants advancing to stage 3 will receive individualized mentorship, targeted coaching, grant funding of up to $10,000 to develop their business ideas into realistic plans and guidance to seek additional seed funding for their businesses through other forms of financing. This setup is aimed at helping the participants be ready to launch their businesses as soon as they have secured seed funding for the implementation of their business plans.

How do you determine who gets to advance to stage 3 of the program?

While it is important that the as many people as possible receive the 4-week accelerator training, only a select group will advance to stage 3 which provides one-on-one mentorship and other resources. Evaluation criteria include attendance, performance on activity and assignment, participation assessment, as well as the participant’s letter of intent which includes a proposal for a business plan. 

Does the program provide access to funding?   

Following the successful completion of the 4-week accelerator entrepreneurial training program, a limited number of qualified participants will be selected to advance to the last stage of the program. During this stage (March-June), a cash grant will be available to supplement these participants’ income while they work with mentors to complete their business plan. At this time, participants will work with their mentors to explore financing options available to help launch the business.  Please note that the cash grant is only available to Kanaka Bar Band members.

Who will be my instructors during the 4-week training program? 

Qualified and experienced instructors will be brought into the program to lead various theme topics throughout the program. They are subject matter experts and seasoned teachers in each of these areas. Most of them have taught in Indigenous institutions and organizations extensively. 

Is the program free? 

The program is free to participants, courtesy of Kanaka Bar Indian Band and various funding agencies. 

Do I get paid for enrolling into the program? 

This is an educational and skills development program by voluntary participation. There is no monetary compensation for participating. 

Is the program safe to attend? There’s still a pandemic. 

Due to the ongoing pandemic, both the launch event in January and the 4-week training program will be conducted virtually via Zoom. 



I am having trouble filling out my registration form. What should I do? 

You can contact the program by emailing entrepreneurship@kanakabarband.ca

How do I apply? 

You can apply by filling out the registration form. If you are unable to access the registration form online, please contact us at entrepreneurship@kanakabarband.ca 

When will you release the dates for the launch event and 4-week training program? 

We expect to release confirmed dates by early December. We will be sure to post them on the website as well as various social media platforms. 

What’s the deadline to apply? 

The deadline for registration is Friday, December 17th, 2021. However we strongly encourage everyone to register early to secure a spot in the program. 

I am curious about this program but not sure if this is for me. What should I do? 

We suggest that you start by watching the entrepreneurship video series Kanaka Bar produced and released this summer. This is a good foundation for the 4-week training. By watching the videos and reading the accompanying handouts, you should be able to make a more informed decision. If you need further help, please email entrepreneurship@kanakabarband.ca