Membership in Kanaka Bar is through lineage and Kanaka Bar codified its Membership Rules in 2013. The Membership list is different from the Status list. Kanaka members are encouraged to review our membership rules, contact us or stop by at the office to discuss their family history.

As we locate documents that are within the public domain that show who membership are, we will scan and put them on this part of our webpage. There is some really good stuff out there as Kanaka's membership has been involved in with some amazing events over the years.

Click here for a copy of the: Membership Rules



The federal government, under the Indian Act, defines who is a Status Indian and assigns a number to each eligible individual.  Kanaka membership can come to the office for help in completing forms or go right to an INAC office.

INAC has a central office in Vancouver and Members can have their status application completed there in person at  600- 1138 Melville Street. You must have all correct documents (expired Status Card, Marriage, Divorce(s), Drivers License, large birth certificate, correctly done passport photos etc).

Applications for youth 15 and under requires an original large Birth Certificate and at least one parent shown on the certificate must sign the papers too. Parents should try and make a personal appearance with the youth.


Status Card:

You must have two (2) pieces of I.D.  ONE MUST have a photo, (Drivers License, FAC, Fire fighters Certificate) when applying for Status Card. If you are using your Status Card it must not be expired more than six (6) month. If you do not have a photo I.D. you must apply for a BC I.D., or a BC Service Canada Card you must have a Birth Certificate and a Care Card.


Vital Events Registration 

Birth: To register your new born child, we need an original Large Birth Certificate with parents names listed. Originals are submitted to INAC which will be returned back to you. An original parental Consent for Registration as Status must be signed too by parent(s). It is very, very important that both parents are on the birth certificate and sign the parental consent form, so that the baby will receive full status. Kanaka received a notice from INAC that Birth Registration can take up to six (6) month.


(To view Parental Consent Form "double click" on form on image shown)

Marriage: Marriage Certificate and a Declaration of Surname on Marriage form you must have this registered, to avoid delays.

Divorce: Certificate of Divorce for divorces after 1986 or Divorce Decree Absolute for divorces before 1986, to avoid delays please have registered.

Death: Death Certificate, please register.


Items can be submitted to Kanaka's office for Registration. To avoid delays, all of the above must be registered.

Contact the Membership Clerk at Kanaka Bar Indian Band Office at: 1-844-655-2200 if you have any questions.