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Kanaka Bar Band 2023
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For thousands of years, the wild salmon populations of the Fraser River was the life and economy of the Kanaka Bar people. It is the salmon that provided Kanaka Bar with the stability to develop a language, culture and spirituality. In recent years, dwindling numbers of salmon have resulted in no fish for the people. Recently, a Kanaka member quipped that the people of the salmon must now become the people of the potato.

Kanaka Bar has thus invested in land, started clearing land, implemented start up agricultural initiatives and put a substantial amount of effort into understanding the traditional territories water quantity and quality data.

It is site specific data that will help the community obtain the food that it needs to not just live, but thrive!

2019 Ribbon Cutting for Food expansion

2019 Food Forest expansion into Playground


July 2nd 2020 - New Laying Hens aka BABY CHICKS!