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Kanaka Bar Band 2023
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Demand-Side Management

What is demand-side management (DSM)?  It is the modification of energy demand through financial incentive or behavioural change through education.  Kanpower Calendar Cover

Kanaka Bar has developed a program in an effort to encourage DSM in the community called Kanpower.  Kanpower began December 2018 and will continue until November 2019.  Over the course of 52 weeks, participants are encouraged to complete easy energy conservation actions in their own homes.  Each completed action is worth a set amount of points, with some bonus points available when a picture of the action is taken.  The idea is that participants will see these changes reflected on their BC Hydro bills over the course of the year and be able to compare with previous years before these conservation actions were taken.  None of the actions cost very much, however over the course of time they will save a considerable amount.

Any community members interested in taking part in Kanpower are encouraged to either come by the office during regular office hours or contact Micah through email.  The Kanpower calendar can be found here.