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Kanaka Bar Band 2023
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Kanaka's ancestors shared that to live, we needed air, water, food, shelter and energy certainty. Without, we would have to fight, die, move or innovate. Our communities traditional territory provided the Kanaka people with over 7,000 years of stability.Now with just over 161 years since the mainland colony of British Columbia was declared by Governor James Douglas, Canadians, British Columbians, Nlaka'pamux and Kanaka are collectively facing an uncertain future.

  • Will there be enough food for everyone?
  • Will there be adequate water for everyone?
  • How can we collectively handle the ever-increasing summer temperatures? We are already Canada's hotspot!
  • What will our houses look like and where will the energy come from?

All these questions were raised and discussed at the community level and together we came up with an adaption and transition plan. A summarized version of our Climate Change Adaptation Strategy in the form of a PDF Placemat. Kanaka Bar's full adaptation strategy in PDF format can be found here. They are also in the Reports menu to the right. You can also find our community's four self-sufficiency goals and what we are doing today. As more site-specific information is compiled, we will add to the menus and we will also share our implementation strategies by reporting on projects and other initiatives on a regular basis too.