Welcome to Kanaka Bar Lands Department

The Lands Department is responsable for land matters, it comprises of tasks such as functional offices: the Lands Administration Office, the Survey and Mapping Office. If you would like to know more on the lands department, please reach out to lands@kanakabarband.ca 


The Lands Department does not have many updates for the community, given the holidays, but we do have one exciting announcement.
We are pleased to announce that Domonique Samson is Kanaka Bar’s new junior land guardian. This position involves a variety of tasks related to the Lands Department, such as archaeology, environmental monitoring, and GIS mapping, in support of Kanaka’s Cumulative Effects and Indigenous and Protected and Conserved Area initiatives.
Welcome to the team!

Land Use Study:

We are continuing to seek interviewees for the land use study. If you are willing to speak with us about how you use and care for Kanaka’s Territory (e.g., where you hunt or gather plants for food ormedicine), or stories or placenames you may know, please contact myself (lands@kanakabarband.ca) or Stephanie (stephanie@foragerhill.ca) to book aninterview.
Honoraria of $50/hour will be provided.

All information you share will be kept confidential (this study is just for Kanaka’s own use, to help guide management of our lands and resources and to help establish our Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area).

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Sean O’Rourke
Lands Manager