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Kanaka Bar Band 2023
Training Opportunities

Education & Training

April 29, 2020

Kanaka Bar sees education and training as the key to achieving community's goals of being vibrant, self-sufficient and sustainable.  Building human capacity is the only way to achieve a better quality of life for members of Kanaka Bar.  

The department is committed to provide assistance to Kanaka Bar members, both on and off reserve, to achieve their goals and aspirations by delivering quality educational programs and services.  Our goal is to facilitate educational programming for all age groups, all the way from pre-schoolers to adults. We also support students attending different educational institutions around the province.

Besides providing educational programming to membership, the department also contributes to the advancement of education through participation on various regional and provincial organizations that advocate for First Nations education. An example of that is our involvement with the First People’s Education Council (FPEC) and the School District #74 who work together to enhance the learning of all First Nation students.  Another example of our involvement on advocacy level is our good relationship with First Nation Education Steering Committee (FNESC).

Toll Free #: 1-844-655-2200 ext. 222

Phone #: 250-455-2200

Fax #: 1-250-455-2201


Training Opportunities 
New to the workforse or seeing additional training for your current position, check out the Training tab for some additional resources

BusKanaka Bar Band students from K-12 are funded by Indian and Northern Affairs (INAC)

Using INAC's guidelines, the Education department is responsible to manage and assist with education plans for school age students and community members on reserve enrolled in the public and first nation school system.


Post-Secondary students are funded by INAC and Own Source Funds

 Assist Kanaka Bar members living on or off reserve who wish to pursue their academic, basic foundation, open learning and trade studies. (For more information or applications see sub titles on the right)



  • The worker assists in improving the academic achievement and progress  of Kanaka Bar Band students who attend the public and other academic schools.

  • Working with schools and families to promote and support the social, physical and emotional needs of the students goals.

  • To have open communication with all students, parents, community and all school personnel.  

  • The Education Department maintains written reports and documentation relating to student academic, social, emotional and intervention strategies.


 Building Relationships and Networking

  • The Education worker is involved with the First People’s Education Council (FPEC) on a regular basis.  The First People’s Education Council and the School District #74 work together to enhance the learning of all First Nation students. 

  • First Nation Education Steering Committee (FNESC) on a provincial level.