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Kanaka Bar Band 2023
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KLH is Kanaka's company specifically created to hold, buy, sell and manage long-term assets for Kanaka Bar including houses (as per Housing Policy), other buildings, vehicles, equipment, tools, sheds and lands "off reserve" just to name a few. KLH has two excavators, a bobcat (skidsteer), backhoe, dump truck, work trucks and big steel storage cannisters for the small stuff.

KLH acquires the insurance necessary to protect the staff and the assets and covers the operating costs like property taxes, PST, GST, phone, internet, hydro, fuel, repairs etc.

KLH contracts out assets to Kanaka (and 3rd parties) necessary to perform specific projects and works like renovations, road maintenance, septic installations, garbage removal, water lines etc. KLH land and buildings are also rented out as residential, office and commercial spaces. 

KLH currently uses fee simple lands for sand and gravel and rental units. KLH is currently constructing a transfer station where gathered watershed waste (wood, metal, vehicles) will be stored and then removed and disposed of appropriately. Collectively, KLH and KBES collects household garbage weekly and disposes of it at the regional transfer station and KLH operates, maintains and charges rent now for over 20 buildings. KLH will be implementing a recycling program for the community and conducting workshops on basic homeowner/tenant maintenance steps for the buildings.

It is KLH assets that provide the community with the tools and equipment for a diverse range of training and work experiences in vegetation management, landscaping, building construction and maintenance, road construction and maintenance, water and septic installation and operations. 

KLH recently acquired ownership of the historic Kanaka Bar Cafe and rest stop and is working on a complete tear down and build up so that we can once again, have a vital place for Kanaka residents, membership and all users of Canada's Highway 1.

kanaka Cafe before 1970Getting the keys