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Kanaka Bar Band 2023
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This is the parent entity which owns the four (4) sub entities or companies on behalf of Kanaka. The economic development arm (orange) of our organization chart is a purposeful and intended separation from governance (red) and our community's social programs and services (blue).

Creating an entity to carry on Kanaka's business is first and foremost to separate business from politics and social programs. KBLR's decision-making is done through its Directors and implementation is done through the Chief Operations Officer (or COO). This purposeful separation allows: 

  • Transfer of risk to a legal entity so that "business" liability for staff, Council and membership is reduced.
  • Shift thinking from INAC based criteria to "business thinking" which can increase the community's ability to move forward in generating desired returns like self-performance, employment and independency.
  • for creation of new revenue streams (aka own source revenues) or OSR.

The use of orange has no particular significance in the organization chart. Colours are used so that visually, a reviewer can see the separation clearly as well as the hierarchy that is intended.

It is acknowledged that while the separation is purposeful to minimize risk and maximize independence, what Council does in governance affects businesses, what social programs and services are carried out affects businesses and what business does affects governance as well as social programs and services and everything that is done affects memebrship. We are currently working on a diagram which will show the holistic approach that we are experiencing.

Given the overlap, the operations of Kanaka are not performed in silos so the three Kanaka entities meet every 1st Monday and every 3rd Thursday to go over respective mandates and work together to maximize returns and reduce inefficiency and redundancy of operations.  Communication is always critical.

It is hard to articulate but working separate and together at the same time creates a synergy and excitement that never existed before. There is so much that can be done at Kanaka and with all the land, the people and resources available and the entities to help everyone get it done, what is done next can only be a success.