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Food sovereignty and security are one of the pillars of the Kanaka Bar Band’s community vision and form part of their climate change adaptation strategy (Kanaka Bar Band 2020). Salmon and steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss) are traditional foods for the Kanaka Bar Band and it is no secret that stocks are in decline (DFO 2020a; Baker 2020; Taylor 2020). One of the Kanaka Bar Band’s goals is to have healthy salmon and steelhead stocks available for their future generations (Michell 2020, pers. comm.). To that end, the Kanaka Bar Band retained Ecofish Research Ltd. (Ecofish) to conduct an overview assessment report of the state of Fraser River salmon and provide suggestions for mitigation and monitoring opportunities for the Kanaka Bar Band based on the findings.

24 fish species are potentially present in the Fraser River at Kanaka Bar. This includes four species of Pacific salmon: Chinook Salmon (O. tshawutscha), Coho Salmon (O. kisutch), Pink Salmon (O. gorbusha) and Sockeye Salmon (O. nerka), and steelhead which migrate through Kanaka Bar territory twice each year. Coho Salmon have been documented spawning in at least one tributary stream within Kanaka Bar territory; given habitat constraints this is unlikely to be the case for the other salmonid species (with the possible exception of steelhead).



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