Kanaka Bar is committed to using its lands and resources to maintain a self-sufficient, sustainable and vibrant community.

In support of this community vision, it is critical to ensure that there are both adequate lands and resources available for the community membership today, as well as sufficient lands and resources for our future generations. This requires an understanding of the lands and resources currently in use, what is available to the community and an appreciation of the balance between the needs of today and tomorrow.

Kanaka Land

 Above is a map from our Land Use Plan (LUP) dated March 31, 2015.

Our LUP was compiled over 6 months of walking the land, brainstorming and one-on-one interviews followed by drafting and finalizing. The LUP gives us an up to date summary of what happened at Kanaka, what is happening now and then lists down the challenges of using the land today as well as the possible opportunities of tomorrow.

Click here for a full copy of Kanaka Bar's Land Use Plan