For more than 7000 years, Kanaka's Traditional Territory sustained its people.  Today, there are, on average, 70 residents here and in the summer, the population doubles as membership return home to visit, fish, gather and reconnect with the land.

The greatest asset we have, undoubtedly, is our people. Committed to working together as a community, Kanaka Bar is focused on programs and services and projects and initiatives that develop our human capacity (in the office and on the field) and contribute to community self-sufficiency and overall wellness. 


PHOTO (May 2015):  Kanaka Bar is visited by Smokey the Bear. Kanaka membership and residents had completed almost two years of fuel hazard reduction in and around the community to protect our people, our property and our animals from wildfire. 

Knowledge Transfer

Kanaka Bar's original learnings were through oral histories, storytelling, hands-on demonstration and "experiential" or learned through interaction with the environment and shared during gatherings and by mentoring. This resulted in the passing down of stories, songs, language, culture, laws, and skills. Traditional activities of harvesting, hunting and gathering continue today albeit at a reduced level as family and community survival is no longer solely determined by how much food we can put away for the year. This reduced time on the land together reduces learnings in the old ways but all is not lost. 

Today, Kanaka continues with daily personal interactions and has embraced social media as a means of staying connected.  Kanaka's office is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays (except statutory holidays) and the walls of the office are covered in maps, posters and documents detailing "everything Kanaka" for those who can come by the office.  Kanaka also has the toll free number (see contact drop-down menu) and the doors (and phone lines) are always open should anyone wish call or drop by and speak to Council or staff. 

Kanaka also hosts many planned community events like the Christmas Party.  We also support and go to other local area events like the Halloween Party in town, the Annual Lytton River Fest, Mayday and the Remembrance Day Pow-Wow just to name a few.

Another event that Kanaka hosts in Lytton is the annual 10km walk-run event on Mayday long weekend. This year we are hoping for our best turnout ever and we invite everyone to come and try their feet on walking to the Ferry and back from the Information Centre.

Formal Gatherings

Knowledge transfer continues in the informal ways mentioned above but also is clearly evident within the monthly General Assemblies (every 3rd Thursday at 5 p.m.), Council meetings (every 1st Monday starting at 9 a.m.) and the yearly Annual General Meeting to discuss the performance of our programs and services as well as business entities.