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Kanaka Bar Band 2023
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Open House

PHOTO Aug 2015: having an open house for the Nation, Kanaka membership hosts over 350 guests who come to Kanaka to visit, walk the trails, share stories and eat fish. The end of the day photo says it all - tired but still smiling.


Kanaka Bar is a custom Band having has its own leadership structure not dependent on the Indian Act. In 2013, Kanaka wrote down its Election code and a Governance code. Terms of leadership office are indefinite and at the monthly General Assembly (every 3rd Thursday) the membership opportunity to ask for a recall is always available. The codes are available to all by clicking on them below.

Governance Code (PDF)

Election Code (PDF)

 Integral to the communities long term wellness is leadership and each Kokpi is asked to sign the following document:

Code of Conduct

As a member of the Kanaka Bar Indian Band Council, I hereby swear to:

  1. Kanaka Codeuphold and respect Kanaka Bar traditions and values;
  2. work cooperatively to serve the membership of Kanaka Bar to the best of my ability;
  3. act as a role model by maintaining a healthy lifestyle;
  4. follow all organizational policies and procedures;
  5. exercise special care while dealing with the financial affairs of Kanaka Bar to ensure that money is spent wisely;
  6. demonstrate respect for all Members of the community and other agencies;
  7. maintain confidentiality regarding personal or private Council business;
  8. make every effort to attend and participate fully in all Council meetings;
  9. consult regularly with elders, youth and other Members to ensure that Council decisions represent the best interests of the membership; and
  10. declare a Conflict of Interest where I or my immediate family might benefit, or be negatively impacted by, a Council decision.