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Kanaka Bar Band 2023
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Chief and Council 2022

 chief and council 2022

left to right 
Councillor JR Hance,  Councillor Chrystal Hayden, Chief Jordan Spinks, Councillor Stacy Hulburt, Councillor Mary- Jo Michell

 Elected Fall 2022

Chief and Council History 

The old ways saw community designated Kokpis to lead the community in all things, including land and resource uses. When Simon Fraser first came to the area in 1808, he was unable to understand the Kokpi system and his notes indicated that the Nlaka'pamux sure had a lot of Chiefs.

For Kanaka, as a custom community (having rejected the imposed Indian Act election system in 1878) the leadership is still Kokpi based although the terms "Chief and Councilors" are now used to indicate the people who have been chosen to be the decision-makers for the community.


Outgoing Chief and Council 

Outgoingback row to front row
Councillor Karen Hance, Councillor Donna Hance, Councillor Pauline Michell 

Cheif Patrick Michell, Councillor Bobby Michell