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Teit, James

A rock painting of the Thompson River Indians, British Columbia


Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, vol. VIII, article 12, pp. 227-230.

Teit, James

Traditions of the Thompson River Indians of British Columbia


American Folk-Lore Society, Boston, N-Y, 1898

Hill-Tout, Charles

"'Sqaktktquaclt,* or the Benign-Faced, the Oannes of the N'tlaka'pamuQ


Folklore, Vol. X, No 2, June 1899, pp. 195-216

Hill-Tout, Charles

Notes on the N'tlaka'pamuQ of British Columbia, a Branch of the Great Salish Stock of North America


British Association for the Advancment of Science, Report on the Ethnological Survey of Canada,pp. 4-8,1899

Teit, James

The Thompson Indians of British Columbia


The Jesup North Pacific Expedition, vol I, part IV, pp 163-392.

Teit, James

Mythology of the Thompson Indians


The Jesup North Pacific Expedition, vol VIII, part II, pp 199-416. Also: American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), v.12, part 2

Teit, James

Indian Tribes of the Interior of British Columbia


"Canada and its provinces; a history of the Canadian people and their institutions by one hundred associates", vol. XXI, Toronto, pp. 283-312

Teit, James

European tales from the Upper Thompson Indians


Journal of American Folk-Lore, vol. XXIX, no. cxiii, pp. 301-329

Teit, James

Folk-Tales of the Salishan Tribes. I. Thompson Tales


Memoirs of the American Folk-Lore Society, vol. XI

Teit, James

Tattooing and face and body painting of the Thompson Indians, British Columbia


U.S. Bureau of Ethnology, 45th Annual Report, 1927-28. Washington, pp. 397-439.

Teit, James

Ethnobotany of the Thompson Indians of British Columbia


U.S. Bureau of American Ethnology, 45th Annual Report, 1927-28. Washington, pp. 441-522.

Teit, James

More Thompson Indian Tales


Journal of American Folk-Lore Society, pp. 173-190

Wickwire, W.

“To See Ourselves as the Other’s Other: Nlaka’pamux Contact Narratives,”


 Canadian Historical Review, 75,1 (1994): 1-20

Wickwire, W.

We shall drink from the stream and so shall you': James.A. Teit and native resistance in British Columbia, 1908-1922.


The Canadian historical review. Vol 79; Number 2, ; 1998, 199-236 --Un-ty of Toronto (pages 199-236) -- 1998

Wickwire, W.

‘The Grizzly Gave Them The Song’: James Teit and Franz Boas Document Twin Ritual in  British Columbia, 1897-1920, 


American Indian Quarterly 25, 3 (2002): 431-452.


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