COVID-19 - Kanaka Updates

With the March 11, 2020 declaration of the Pandemic by WHO, Kanaka Bar has been engaging membership on and off reserve, implementing social, physical and isolations protocols and keeping on top of the crisis in order to ensure that our membership, staff, friends, contractors and other service providers are safe.

It is unknowm how long the Pandemic will last so we all have to individually and collectivley be ready for a long haul in order to minimise the risk of transmission. Kanaka is taking its lead from reccomendations issued by BC Provincial Health Office (Doctor Bonnie Henry) in terms what we must do here and when BC says the crisis is resolved, thats when we will say the matter is resolved here.

Until then, we will continue with our comprehensive plan to provide information and essentials services to Kanaka residents and membership and will be posting here on our website, COVID protocols, updates and other related information for all visitors. 

Council can ensure that our office can stay open and that staff can continue to provide services if protocols are followed. Council cannot tell families or individuals what to do in their homes though but we will endeavor to inform and empower each person and family so that they can ensure that they DO NOT get the virus and in the worst case scenario, if they do, that it not be transferred to others.

Stay safe everyone. If in doubt - stay home. You can't get the virus if you don't come into contact with people. It's the hardest thing you will ever have to do because we are Kanaka and when the going gets tough, we come together. However, when it comes to aerial borne disease, we simply must not come together physically.

We miss you all so much and our heart goes out every minute of every day knowing that you are scared. We can do it though everyone.  Please review the letters, summaries and resources on the right to learn more about COVID and our efforts to curtail the spread of it as well as to support our people.  


Highland Valley Tech Delivers the Community Hand Sanitizer April 24th 2020


Covid-19 Staff Meeting

July 13th 2020 - COVID-19 Office Protocals Review Meeting