Kanaka Bar recognizes that climate change is real and is introducing risks to the land and the people!

  • Droughts
  • Rains
  • Landslides
  • Avalance
  • Flooding
  • Freshet 
  • Air Quality
  • Forest fires 
  • Temperature
  • Major wind events
Risk Probability Consiquence


Kanaka categorizes risks into four main areas: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air (further described in the sub-menus to the right) and changes in these 4 areas are increasing in frequency, duration and intensity. We must be proactive to prepare for these ever-increasing impacts as an "ounce of prevention is equal to a pound of cure".

"Climate projections for the remainder of the 21st century indicate that the climate will continue to change, and will have ongoing impacts to ecosystems and communities." page 13 Kanaka's Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment. 

With awareness, Kanaka Bar has the ability to prepare for and mitigate impacts. We can not really eliminate them - just reduce the severity of the impacts. Kanaka's plan is to do what we can today to protect our people and our territory tomorrow and we encourage other communities to gather site-specific data to find what risks they need to prepare for. 

Preliminary Strategic Risk Assessment Snip of Illustration of risks

Preliminary Strategic Climate Risk Assessment Illustration of risks