Water is life. Water is sacred. Our ancestors chose to live at Kanaka Bar over 8,000 years ago because of the seven year-round creeks that flow into the Fraser River. Our elders have said that none of our creeks ever dried up, but our elders were not yet dealing with changing rain patterns and a new increase in temperatures. 

We can live up to three days without water. We also need water to irrigate our gardens, our animals, for fire protection and to generate electricity. Kanaka Bar has installed year-round gauging stations to collect valuable water flow data 24/7 365 days of the year.

Our future generations will now have timely, empirical data to use for new projects, housing, and other initiatives. More importantly, they will know of changes to base flows and whether or not there will be enough water to support the community. 

   Siwash creek below CNR   Morneylum pegleg trail