If we have air, and water, and land, we can live and Kanaka has lived here for thousands of years. Housing, agriculture, infrastructure, economy, education, history, stories, language, culture and governance all flow from the land and we say "What you do to the land, you do to yourself" and who Kanaka Bar is today is inseparable from the land. 

Today, the land is experiencing cumulative affects or "death by a thousand cuts" and the land is facing changing, weather patterns and Kanaka's climate of today and tomorrow includes less snow, heavier rains, flooding followed by drought fires and heat all of which will have have dramatic impacts to everyday life in Kanaka Bar.

We have focused on locating and mapping "anthroprogenic" or "man made features" and are working to ensure that yesterdays infrastructure is upgraded to withstand the changing weather conditions and ensuring that all new infrastructure is designed for the weather of today and tomorrow. 

Immediate challenges are to ensure that our roads remain open year-round, that our water quality is maintained and that our shelters are not compromised. Kanaka is locating ditches, waterlines, intakes, reservoirs and fire hydrants, and making sure they are working and are upgrading or replacing aging infrastructure.  We are keeping our culverts clean (and replacing the ones that are too small), we are putting in new culverts to ensure that run off is diverted from our houses and roads and  where water runs during a storm or pools up, we make sure that our drainage systems have capacity to handle storm surges.

Culvert picture  Nekliptum Culvert above Highway 1

Nekliptum Gauging and Intake  Snow Removal