Under new falls several opportunities, including new development and electrification.

Land and Development

Kanaka has already constructed a new 10 unit subdivision in upper Kanaka in 2018, and plans are underway for another housing complex in lower Kanaka that will be highly energy efficient and wind and solar powered in lower Kanaka.  This new development will be located on Lot 4 which was recently aquired by the band.


Electrification is the act of switching or converting from traditional fossil fuels to the electric equivalents of a device or activity.  At Kanaka, we have already begun our electrification journey, and the start was quite by accident!  When the old band office lawnmower needed to be replaced, an electric one was purchased by mistake and everyone was confused when it arrived.  Despite this innitial shock, the staff have had no complaints or issues with the device to date.

Further details will be added to the reports section soon.