All energy self-sufficiency projects and innitiatives at Kanaka Bar fall under four focus areas;

  • New
  • Renovations
  • Demand-side management
  • Production

Energy and electricity are a key factor in all four of these areas, and a big part of our everyday lives.  We are constantly using energy, in a variety of forms and for the most part don’t even think about it.  However, it is important to understand something we rely so heavily on.

Energy is measured in kWh.  This is a measure of how fast something uses electricity in kilowatts (kW) over a period of time in hours (h).  Below are some helpful visualizations of what exactly a kilowatt hour looks like.


The following actions generally require 1 kWh:

  • brewing 12 pots of coffee,
  • charging your phone for 2 h/day for a month,
  • running one 60-watt light bulb for 16 hours,
  • running one 8.5 LED light for 120 hours, or
  • run one medium window air conditioner for 1 hour


 1 MWh is approximately the amount of electricity used by 330 homes for 1 hour