Kanaka Bar Employment Services Ltd.

Council duties and social programs and services are mostly performed indoors. KBES is the company who is responsible for Kanaka work outside and hires employees and contractors to perform these tasks. 

The work is diverse and requires use of KLH equipment (excavators, snow plow, sander, backhoe etc.) and tools (chain saws, drills etc.) and the work can be very technical, physical with long hours.

KBES has its own insurance WCB, CPP, EI and staff to carry out its works. It is through KBES that community membership gets employment, training and experiences in the field. 

KBES has recently completed a new water line and intake, automated the current water system, did a septic field retrofit, completed a trail restoration project and several renovations are underway and a new construction was completed. Ongoing works include forest fire fuel hazard reduction, sand and gravel operations, road maintenance, infrastructure operations and maintenance, landscaping, waste collection and disposal including the 2015 removal of 12 abandoned vehicles to a metal recycling facility.

When not doing KBLR initiatives, KBES contracts with Kanaka itself and 3rd parties to complete projects or perform labourer works and KBES revenues are acquired by charging 3rd parties for services provided.